kleenbox benefits

Portable air curtain wood waste burner

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  • No assembly or set-up required, deliver the unit to the site and it is ready to be loaded and burn immediately.
  • Firebox is above-ground so ground water, rocks and roots are not a problem.
  • Machine can be "dragged" around the site for positioning or relocation.
  • Burn area is safer and more secure than a trench burning


  • Environmentally friendly
  • “Eliminates” vegetative waste and reduces it to a usable BioChar and carbon ash
  • High mass reduction: 95% to 98% waste reduction (100 tons of wood = 2 - 4 tons of ash and BioChar)
  • High through-put: up to 10+ tons or 30-40+ cubic yards per hour
  • Dramatically more affordable compared to grinding & trucking


With a kleenbox, the burning is done above-ground. The kleenbox burn area is open to the ground on the bottom and lined on all four sides with castable thermo-ceramic walls. The burning operations are typically more efficient (faster and cleaner)

The primary purpose of a kleenbox Burner is pollution control; in particular, the reduction of smoke from open burning. The high velocity air curtain traps the smoke particles momentarily causing them to re-burn and be further reduced. The air then continues in to the firebox or trench to agitate and oxygenate the fire. The result is a burn that is cleaner and faster than open burning.