Since 2008, we have led the effort to permanently clear 1000's of acres of invasive trees and brush. We have been at the forefront of major land renovation projects throughout Texas.


Our Mission

We went into the land clearing business to clear cedar and mesquite and restore the Hill Country to its natural beauty, one piece of land at a time. Our qualified professional operators have years of land clearing and tree removal experience, and utilize specialized equipment that allows us to provide land owners throughout the Austin area with the highest quality service at the best possible price.

Removing Mountain Cedar, Red Cedar, Juniper, Mesquite, and other unwanted trees from your property allows desirable grasses and trees to thrive, restoring the land and bringing it back to its native state. As Texas land clearing specialists, we are available throughout Central Texas to rid your land of unwanted cedar, mesquite, and other brush once and for all!

At Kleensite we set ourselves apart by utilizing innovative portable burn boxes that feature ‘Air Curtain Burn’ technology to get rid of your unwanted cedar and brush once we have removed it. Our fully-assembled portable Kleenboxes are the only machines tested and approved by the U.S. EPA, the U.S. Forest Service, and the U.S. Department of Energy, and are the most economical and environmentally sound solution for eliminating wood and vegetive waste. With our burn boxes, you do not need to grind, chip, or do any processing of debris. If it fits in the box, it will burn; whole trees and root balls are no problem for our boxes! Just one Kleenbox can burn up to eight tons an hour, and about 80 tons a day, depending on the elements. Air Curtain technology used by the Kleenboxes eliminates almost all of the particle matter created while burning - which means that there is very little to no smoke output. At the end of the burn cycle, you are left with clean carbon ash that can be turned into the soil as fertilizer.

In addition to our unique Kleenboxes, we also offer cedar mulching as an option for removal of brush and trees once the site has been cleared. Our top-of-the-line forestry mulchers allow for the fastest and most cost-efficient cedar tree removal available. Lightweight and powerful, they can cover twice as much ground as other machines and traditional clearing methods in the same amount of time. Rather than slash-burning or bulldozing and destroying your land, our professional forestry mulchers effortlessly chip and turn cedar, mesquite, and other types of trees and brush into beneficial mulch in half the amount of time of traditional techniques. We can grind all unwanted trees to at or below ground level, leaving the terrain smooth and immediately accessible to be driven on by trucks, ATVs, and equipment.

Not only does cedar and brush removal turn your property into a tranquil and picturesque park-like setting, but it also allows pecan, oak, native grasses, and other desirable vegetation to flourish, restoring the land to its natural state. Unlike many other so-called “land clearing specialists” throughout Texas, we can selectively clear only the trees you want removed without damaging your land or any other vegetation, leaving native trees untouched while manicuring the land and enriching the soil.

Cedar grows much more quickly than other tree varieties and prevents desirable, native vegetation from growing. Cedar trees can also drink 20 or more gallons of water per day, draining the water table and robbing the surrounding vegetation of much-needed moisture. In fact, after clearing their property of cedar, some Texas land owners have reported once-dry creek beds springing back to life!

Once your land is cleared, it’s cleared for good, because cleared cedar trees will not grow back by their roots. The mulch created improves soil health, promotes the growth of native grasses, and prevents detrimental soil erosion.

If you’re ready to see your land live up to its true potential, give us a call and discover why countless customers call us first for all of their clearing needs!

A thing is right when it tends to perserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.
— Aldo Leopold, Scientist. Ecologist. Forester

What We've Achieved

  • City Park River Restoration

  • 5000+ ac of Ranch Restoration

  • 20 ac Solar Array Site Work

  • Miles of Transmission Line Clearing

  • 150+ Residential Clearing Projects

  • 50+ Commercial Projects

  • Flood and Fire Restoration

  • 500 ac logging slash clean up